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      It cannot be that one of most courageous authors in the world, ranking with the likes of Robert A. Heinlein, David Gerrold, and Orson Scott Card, is staying voiceless and invisible! What the hell? Few on this bedraggled planet have as much relevant content to share as Timothy Scott Bennett. When does volume III come out? Where can I find the ruminations of this Cusp Chronicler? How are you and Sally doing anyway? So what if almost nobody gets it? You are a mere particle in the ocean, yet what you do influences the shape of the wave passing over you and crashing on the shore. I need your dangerousness turned full on in the world. Dude… I care about your ecstatic revelations.

      Love from Clinton Callahan

      currently at http://writinghouse.mystrikingly.com in Mexico


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Timothy Scott Bennett Chronicling the Cusp

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